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This webinar presented by Gallagher Bassett discussed the current and near-term effects of COVID-19 on business operations for the claims management industry. This webinar provided key insights, including:

• An inside view into the execution of business continuity plans
• Tips for the development of best practices to confront the evolving challenges of COVID-19
• Strategies for the novel claims handling to address unique issues across multiple lines of coverage

To access a recap of the webinar you can do so by clicking here.

CEO, Simon Pemberton discusses the measures GB have taken to support clients during COVID19.



The Gallagher Bassett task force is responsible for overseeing its response to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring that current and evolving protocols for handling its response are effectively implemented and adhered to.


Resources & Articles

The Gallagher Bassett Podcast looks at the affects COVID-19 is having within the industry and the implications it has brought. Join us as your hosts GB Technical Director, Andy Sewell and GB Client Services Manager, Rob Glenister speak to a variety of industry experts to assess the situation and what it will mean for specific sectors of the insurance industry. You can listen to the podcast here. 


Our Work From Home Booklet is a practical guide to help you ensure you have created the right environment at home to help you work. Check out our hints tips to assure you can work from home in a healthy and safe way. Click here to download the guide. 


10 Tips To Reduce COVID-19 Anxiety

It's common to feel some anxiety during periods of uncertainty. Here are 10 practical tips that can support you, colleagues, family and friends to keep these feelings at bay when starting to feel overwhelmed. Download the image here.

How We Can Help


With staff returning to work it is important to ensure your office space is risk assessed and safe for your employees to return. Gallagher Bassett Risk Consulting offers a range of services to assist in mitigating the risk of infection on your premises.

Find out more about the support we can provide here.


The COVID-19 crisis has thrown much of the world and the business community into a state of uncertainty. The pandemic will undoubtedly lead to a record number of business interruption (BI) and event cancellation insurance (ECI) claims filed by commercial policy holders. The market anticipates the overwhelming majority of claims will be made against commercial property or business package policies. However, we anticipate additional theories of liability which may implicate other policy types with business interruption being a consequential and therefore, potentially covered damage. 

In anticipation of the surge GB has formed a specialised team consisting of experienced professionals organised to assist carriers in process management, and more importantly, driving superior outcomes.

Find out more about our Business Interruption assistance and how it can help you here. 


The market is now seeing an increase in claims attributable
to the lockdown measures put in place by international
governments across the globe. For many policy coverages
remain uncertain and in some cases no cover is available
leaving customers confused and in a number of cases
facing significant financial issues.

Gallagher Bassett recognise that an expert, flexible and
customer focused response is required to give certainty
so that customers can make important and informed
decisions. We have created dedicated COVID 19 teams
capable of quickly assimilating information and responding
to customers at this incredibly difficult time.

Download our COVID-19 Claims Document here and find out how we can help you. 

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