Essentials of Enterprise Risk Management

Managing Risk in a Complex World

The need to manage risk has never been more apparent than it is today. Organisations must make key decisions while balancing challenging internal and external pressures against the needs and expectations of stakeholders.

This training course explores both the positive and negative aspects of risk, and aims to provide those attending with improved knowledge and practical skills in order to effectively manage risk within their organisation.

Through a balance of formal teaching and practical exercises, delegates will be afforded the opportunity to discuss their own organisation’s approach to risk management and identify practical solutions for promoting and embedding a strong risk aware culture.

Spread over four half-day sessions or two full days the objective of the event is to provide a broad yet comprehensive introduction to the concept of Enterprise Risk Management. Participants will be provided with a fundamental understanding of:

• The emergence of enterprise risk management as a key organisational discipline and how it sits within the corporate governance construct.

• The various models for managing risk, including an understanding of the concept of risk as both positive and negative (opportunity and threat).

• The key components of an effective risk management approach, including risk management principles, framework and process.

• The tools and techniques which are available to assist organisations in the effective identification, assessment,
and management of risk.

• A clear vision of the benefits associated with an effective risk management approach.

• Key factors for successfully embedding risk management within organisational culture and critical success factors for making it work.

The course is accredited by the Institute of Risk Management (IRM). On successful completion of the end of course assessment paper delegates will be awarded a certificate endorsed by the IRM.

October and November Enterprise Risk Management Course