Measuring the quality of your providers

We have developed industry leading quality controls and claims processes over many years which are proven to reduce the cost of claims.

We will help you to strategically improve your operational efficiency and reduce your costs of claims

We will work with you to understand the key issues facing you as a business, identify strengths and weaknesses and recommend solutions. This can be for in house handled claims, delegated authorities or anyone who wants to validate your claims operation is performing well against our audit metrics.

Our service can form a mixture of the below:

Technical Audit

A technical file audit of an agreed claims profile or specific element of your claims handling.

We will provide for the preparation pre audit, onsite audit and a written report with:

  • Claims leakage report
  • RAG assessment
  • Audit checklist per file with commentary / feedback for each
  • Identified areas of improvement’

Due Diligence Audit

A thorough review and evidence based validation of your claims handling protocols, systems and processes.

We will provide for the preparation pre audit, onsite audit, and a written report with:

  • Commentary on the findings for each area
  • RAG assessments
  • Appropriate recommendations referencing best practice
  • Action plan and follow up as required

Claims Cost Reduction

 A project aimed at reducing your retained claims spend.

 Analysis of your closed claims referencing best practice in such areas as fraud detection, litigation management and alternative settlement structures.

 We will provide analysis reports that detail your performance against the following key indicators that impact your cost of risk.

  • Defensibility %
  • Average cost of claim
  • Rate of litigation
  • Rate of unproductive litigation
  • Portal compliance
  • Claim run time
  • FNOL and capture frequency on motor